Million Dollar Shot: Equipment Special

So you’ve decided to venture into the world to look for wildlife. What happens when you find something? You might want to whip out your smart phone and use their camera. It makes sense if you’re filming something large, like a dog or cat. But some animals may be a little trickier to catch on camera. Creatures that move fast, like insects or arachnids, or animals that have excessive camouflage may require some tweaking to this list.

The good news is that most of these products are sold on amazon and other online retailers so you can price-match all day long.

Here is a compiled list of the best basic equipment for a wildlife shoot:

  1. Camera Body

  2. Fluid-Head Tripod

  3. Telephoto Lens

  4. Wide angle Cine Prime Lens (10-14mm)

  5. Shotgun mic

  6. Field Headphones

  7. Lavaliere Mic System

  8. Macro Lens Extension Tubes

  9. Drone

  10. Wildlife Blind

Robert Wedderburn, an expert in the field of documentary work, gives a more in-depth analysis of the equipment variations.