I know the feeling: you have exhausted your resources and are beginning to get bored with your go-to subjects. You know there is more to film, more to discover, more photos to take. But if you are like me, then you are swamped with school work nine times out of ten.

I get it-life can get complicated and if you are just trying to get your feet wet with a little camera work, then sometimes there are other priorities that have to take precedence. I know from my experience around the holidays my portfolio tends to sway more towards household pets of rogue animals around my city.

Regardless, how does one break the gladdest ceiling and expand their portfolio? it’s much more simpler than you think.


The fastest and most efficient way to expand your portfolio is to reach out to companies that are all up in the animal zone, or maybe the nature or concert zone (pick any zone). Locate your local ASPCA or Vetrinary Hospital and lend your services to them. Do they need a social media account photographer? That could be you! In today’s day and age, every company requires a website to stay relevant and to relay information to their clients. The internet has become so imbedded into our society that it is practically impractical not too. Find their websites, their addresses, or email. Don’t be creepy though, because this sort of sounds like I’m telling you to stalk a company. Do not stalk a company. But do send them an email.

In the email you should include:

  • your name (duh)

  • your purpose for emailing them

  • a quick background information (like where you to go school, any relevant information that will give you credibility and not make you sound like a weirdo)

  • your resume

  • a link to your website so they can check it out on their own

Be friendly and open, you want to make sure you explain what the purpose is for you to film at their business and why it would be beneficial to them. If you want to go beyond that, try looking at places outside of your local area. Want to take a trip? Volunteer abroad and bring your camera. This allows so many opportunities to work on your network of connections and maintain a working portfolio.

You got this.